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Park Sterling Bank welcomes First Capital Bank customers!

Please note the following important changes, which will occur over the next few weeks as we move your online accounts from First Capital Business Online Banking to Park Sterling Bank's online systems:

You will have online access to your accounts through First Capital Business Online Banking through Friday May 6th at 4 PM. After that time, the First Capital Business Online Banking site will no longer be available.

Online access to your accounts will be available through the Park Sterling online system beginning Monday May 9, 2016.

Park Sterling offers two online banking solutions for businesses.

Depending on your company's online banking needs, you will have access to either 'Navigator by Park Sterling' or 'Park Sterling Online Banking' beginning May 9, 2016.

If you will be using Navigator by Park Sterling for your business online banking needs, you have already received communication from us regarding the transition. If you have questions about Navigator (including ACH, Wire or Remote Deposit), you may contact Treasury Management Client Support (TMCS) at or (877)840-8588.

If you have not received specific communication regarding Navigator, you may access your accounts via Park Sterling Online Banking beginning Monday May 9th at, using your current Business Online Banking Company ID as your User ID and the last four digits of your company's Tax ID Number (TIN) as your temporary password. Please contact our Customer Support team at (888)411-8196 for assistance related to Online Banking (non-Navigator), Bill Payment, Mobile Banking or Debit Cards. We will be happy to help!

Please note that you may continue to use First Capital Bank BillPay through May 1. It will not be available after that date. All scheduled payments will be paid as scheduled and you may schedule payments in advance as usual. You may begin using Park Sterling Bill Pay on May 9, 2016.

If you originate ACH transactions or initiate wire transfers through Business Online Banking, your ACH batch and wire template will be available to you when you log in on Monday May 9, 2016. We are preparing carefully to ensure that your existing batch, template and payee information migrates exactly into the new system. However it is always possible that some data may be slightly different. In preparation for the integration, we recommend the following:

For ACH ORIGINATORS: Please note that you should not originate ACH batches with an effective (settlement) date after May 6, 2016 in the existing Business Online Banking system. Those batches may be originated through Navigator on or after Monday, May 9. Also, please note that Monday, May 9 will not be available as an ACH settlement date for originated transactions. Please be sure to either initiate transactions with a settlement date of May 6 through the existing online system; or initiate them with a settlement date of May 10 or later through Navigator beginning on Monday May 9. If you have ACH credits that should be initiated with a settlement date of May 10, you should create those transactions in Navigator as early in the day as possible on Monday May 9. Please contact us at, so that we can assist you in releasing those batches as exception processing. If you originate ACH transactions by importing a file, your file(s) should import directly into Navigator. If you originate ACH transactions by creating batches, your existing payees and templates will convert into Navigator. You should print or screen save existing ACH batches and payees to make it easier to validate your information in Navigator prior to sending your first batches/files.

For ONLINE WIRE customers: Your wire templates should convert exactly as they currently exist. You should print or screen save existing wire templates to make it easier to validate your templates in Navigator before you begin sending wire transfers.

Please take a few moments when you first log into Navigator on May 9th, to verify that your payee info is accurate prior to sending your first ACH batch or wire transfer through the Navigator system.

Processing schedules and cutoff times effective May 9, 2016: Online wire transfer cutoff time is 5:00 PM ET. ACH Origination cutoff time is 4:00 PM ET. ACH consumer credits, such as direct deposit transactions (i.e. payroll), must be transmitted to the bank by 4:00 PM ET, two business days prior to the effective date. All other ACH transactions types, such as consumer debits, corporate payments and corporate collections, require one business day lead time.

REMOTE DEPOSIT CAPTURE USERS: Beginning on May 9, 2016, please access Remote Deposit via the link provided in the email communications that you have recently received from We will contact you after May 9 to discuss plans to migrate you to our new Remote Deposit service later in 2016. We will work closely with you to ensure that you experience as little impact as possible from this change.Please contact Treasury Management Service Support at if you have any questions.

Please refer to the First Capital Bank website and our recent mailings for other important information regarding changes to products and services, including debit cards, Quicken & QuickBooks and eStatements. Thank you for your business!

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